Saturday, July 13, 2013

US National Security Agency (NSA), Spying, Secrecy and Whistle Blowing


 Transnational technology corporations are indispensable to the government’s surveillance of the American people. In short, when you use products produced by these corporations you are consenting to the act of being surveilled.
Kurt Nimmo

The Crux of the NSA Story in One Phrase: 'Collect It All'

The actual story that matters is not hard to see: the NSA is attempting to collect, monitor and store all forms of human communication

The all knowing state is watching over us. They have decided that they have the legal right to know everything about us and to monitor  our daily activities. The NSA is their information collection and spying system that employs between 30 and 60 thousand employees (actual figures are confidential) and is housed in Maryland pending the construction of a much larger facility in Bluffdale Utah. Their PRISM program collects all user information from cooperative arrangements with Microsoft, Google, Face Book, Skype, You Tube, Apple, AOL and many others. 98 percent of PRISM production is based on Yahoo, Google and Microsoft. Whatever you say when you turn on your computer is captured. Don't talk about poisoning wells, blowing up bridges or overly insulting your leaders because the NSA will pick it up and you may have a visitor knocking on your door. 

The estimated power of those computing resources in Utah is so massive it requires use of a little-known unit of storage space: the Zettabyte. To give you an idea of its capacity their 5 Zettabytes will provide enough storage to store at least something on the order of 100 years worth of the worldwide communications, phones and emails with plenty of space left over.

As the whistle blower Edward Snowden revealed the NSA spies on the citizens, governments and businesses of the world. Evidently the US Government believes it has this right and Snowden is a criminal for revealing this to the World.

The US monitors Germany as closely as it does China, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Daily, an average of 20 million telephone connections and 10 million internet transactions are collected by the NSA. The NSA does not spy in the same way on the UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, who are viewed as friends.


The NSA can unilaterally access data and perform extensive, in-depth surveillance on live communications and stored information; examples include email, video and voice chat, videos, photos, voice-over-IP chats (such as Skype), file transfers (like your banking statements), and social networking using any device like your hand held phones. Since so much of its operations are classified as confidential the NSA  are apparently legally free to do anything they want in the name of National Security with or without the agreement of foreign nations whose information they exploit.

 The NSA continues to grow uncontrollably and where will it end? It is fair to assume that with its potential to control nations and the lives of the 9 billion citizens that will soon live on this planet it will never end short of an environmental disaster occurring. If they can just insert an electronic chip in our body they will track all of us, just like our dogs.