Saturday, November 17, 2012

Corrupt Capitalism. Time to take to the streets

 "While globalism has it's benefits, the flaw is that there is no good governance at that level, meaning that it ends up being a playground of the powerful" David  Creelman,

“Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.” 
― Edward AbbeyThe Journey Home

“Fascism is capitalism plus murder.” 
 Upton Sinclair

The .01% want to run the world and want the 99.99% to either help out or get out of the way. The only roles they see for for the nation state are to release their national assets for private  acquisition  and  to police a labour force offered at the lowest cost to service their needs and fight their wars. Their corporate mandate is solely profits and growth and it is assumed that any benefits to nations and their citizenry will naturally trickle out as corporate needs are met.

By their terms Globalization has been a phenomenal success. It has industrialized the Far East, opened new markets and massively improved their profits by closing up services and production in the West and moving it to areas where labour costs are much lower and social benefits are virtually non existent. It accounts for about 7 million middle class jobs being taken out of Europe and the United States

Capitalism is beginning to come apart at the seams. What is happening in Greece, Spain, Portugal and elsewhere has become intolerable and German/French demands reducing these nations to long term penury can't continue. There is a similar build-up of middle class impoverishment in France and the US while we tolerate the rich hiding their wealth offshore, compounding it with hedge funds and bribing politicians while the young increasingly face a dim future and politicians obey their masters and advocate cost cutting of social benefits, letting the infrastructure and ecology deteriorate and selling off the nation's heritage to carpet baggers as the only solution. As with the Greeks and Spaniards it is time to take to the street and bring to a halt this rape. If only the Greeks do it then the gang in Brussels can cut them off but if this mass movement spreads the oligarchies and bankers will have to capitulate. Democracy started in Greece and maybe they can lead in fixing it.


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